Belgium Government Contracted Surgical Masks PPE Supplier

HisoMedical is a professional PPE Manufacturer in China having supplied over billions of medical staples to healthcare industries across the globe.

We have received an order for 5 million masks from the Belgium government. Everyone is invited to take a look at our standard operating procedures. This is not only for the operation process of the order of the Belgium government, every customer is important to us and will be strictly executed according to the high standard operation process.

The flow chart is as follows:

  • Received order IQC IPQC FQC
  • Newspaper report Customer received Custom Clearance Delivery to Belgium
  • Strict selection of raw materials (IQC).

For orders from the Belgium government, we only use 80cm melt-blown fabric material from Germany. After inspection, the BFE > 99%. The second detection method is three-layer mask protection, Non woven fabric, Melt blown fabric, Non- The woven fabric does not exceed 0.27g, which the normal standard is 0.25g-0.27g.

Description of the order production line. (IPQC)

The length and width of the random inspection products on the production line have reached the standard of 17.5cm*9.5cm, and the weight of the whole box is greater than 1KG.

The showcase of FQC process.

The first is the standardized storage mode, followed by the FQC weight measurement. In addition, The packaging inspection includes outer box packaging, inner box packaging and product certification and validity period inspection. We will also add performance inspection to the FQC process. Ensure product quality from every detail. Therefore, there will also be inspection links underperformance inspection, including a weight test with three layers of protection, and customer quality inspection personnel will go to the factory to test the BFE rate of the product. Finally, an FQC report is summarized. The report will be delivered to customs for export after passing the final review.

About Customs Export.

We completed the trial order of one hundred FFP3 of the Belgium government as soon as possible and declared customs for export.

Feedback of customer.

We can get information from the video that after the goods have passed FQC packing inspection, the state of the goods after arrival at the port is no different from that before we loaded the goods. In the end, HISO medical boarded the Belgium Government media platform with excellent service and the best quality. We believe that you may not meet the second company for the degree of dedication of BFE>99%, but you meet HISO now, please push yourself to d making a right choice from now on, Mr, Lee will be your Mr.right in FFP3 industry.



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