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35 Cool Face Mask Design Ideas – Buy or make them yourself!

Are you looking for the best kick-ass face mask design ideas today? Here are 35 cool face mask ideas for women and men.

While surgical masks are the best bet to protect yourself from the Coronavirus, they’re mostly needed and reserved for medical workers. That left thousands of netizens and designers to show off their unique DIY cloth masks and face masks online. So much to the point that face masks became the only fashion trend since COVID-19 blew up.

And it looks like we’re gonna have to be resourceful for the next couple of months too. At least, to have a barrier of protection and prevention of spreading COVID-19.

Either you’re looking to design your own face mask and looking for inspiration, or you want to buy stylish masks online, we’ve got you covered. Here are washable face masks, cloth masks, 3D printed masks and other fashion face masks.

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Best Boho Style Face Mask Design Ideas

Ashley Nell Tipton’s Unique Quirky Face Masks

quirky face mask design idea
Credit: NBC News

Fashion designer Ashley Nell Tipton just can’t stop amusing us with her individuality. Two years ago, she was the first contestant to show off a plus sized collection in “Project Runway”. Now, her new collection of face masks has got a lot of fans on their feet. This girl seriously knows how to quirk us up with her talent!

Featured on her mask designs are Frida Kahlo, French bulldogs and cow prints. They are available for children and adults. Ashley later told us that she was inspired by spreading positivity in these times of sympathy and sadness. Also, she wanted a collection that shows Latina motifs and “inclusivity”. Ashley also donated 5,000 masks to people who are in need.

CharmeMakes’ Stylishly Patterned Face Mask

patterned face mask design idea

Based in the UK, CharmeMakes offers this uniquely designed and handmade face mask in Etsy. For those who love creative patterned designs, this cloth mask is just lovely. It’s also reusable and not only stylish, but also effective for protection having 3 layers. This includes 2 outer layers of breathable cotton fabric, a filter and an internal non-woven material. The material is washable and has a comfortable fit. There’s a soft, moldable nose wire giving a snug fit on your face.

BuyGoGreen’s Boho Hippie Face Mask

hippie face mask design idea

This boho hippie style face mask idea is popularized by BuyGoGreen, featuring materials made from cotton, suede, cotton, metal and charms. It’s highly durable and protective, having an extra cotton in its inner layer. This hippie stylish mask has an adjustable drawstring made from suede and has charms at its ends. There’s also an adjustable nose bridge made from soft metal to secure the mask fit. An additional filter slit is also provided for filter inserts. This face mask is handmade from Boulder, CO and is available in tons of charms and options.

Best Wedding Face Mask Design Ideas

Katy May’s Provocateur Chantilly Lace Mask

chantilly lace mask design idea

Provocateur is one of Katy May’s stunning Chantilly lace bridal face masks. Handmade in Los Angeles, this unique party face mask design has 3 layers of cloth. A white Chantilly lace lays over a nude colored base with trim. Aside from white lace, it’s also available in black, steel blue, ivory and blush. There’s also a pocket for inserting a filter. Another unique feature is its 2 easy to adjust head straps for a more comfortable wear.

EveningRoom’s Bridal Beaded Face Covering

bridal beaded face covering design idea for weddings

This bridal face covering is heavily beaded with floral patterns and leaf motif. It’s also embedded with stylish metallic sequins. It comes in white and nude color and can perfectly blend with lace wedding dresses. This face covering has a polyester lining and a soft satin finish. The mask is made in China and you can order it in Etsy.


sequined and sparkling beaded face mask design idea

This sparkling beaded face mask is absolutely a stunning face mask design idea! Glitzy Glam makes these masks with a nude cloth mask embedded with swarovski beads. Swarovski are the best at getting people’s attention with its natural bling. That’s why even from afar, you’d surely be the center of attention. This mask also features adjustable ear loops and a filter pocket.

Full coverage face mask. Includes one free mask lanyard and one free filter.

Wedding face mask, Beaded bridal face mask, Embroidered lace face mask

beaded bridal face mask embroidered design idea for masks

This stunningly handmade creation of face mask is formed with colored beads, lace and embroidery. The craftsmanship is truly amazing! The nude colored mask puts more emphasis on the light colored details and the darker brown beads just makes a whole lot of difference. Be sure to make one or buy one for your special day or outdoor events as it will surely be a real standout.

Kiki Bisous’ Cotton Face Mask with Lace Fringe

face mask design idea with lace fringe

This pink Boho Fashion Wedding Mask is made from cotton and has a lace fringe with cute tassels. A real festive looking, Coachella themed face mask fit for parties and events! It features soft earloops, an adjustable nose wire for better fit on the face and a 2 layers of cotton twill aside from the pink paisley crochet fringe. It’s also available in Black and White.

Best Formal Wear Face Mask Design Ideas

Mark Zunino’s B9 Luxury Mask

luxury mask design idea

Beverly Hills designer Mark Zunino, has not only graced us with his beautiful gowns, but also with a collection of luxury masks. His set of fashion masks come in a variety of colored sequins, patterns, fabric material and designs. One of his best selling designs, the B9, is a black cloth mask topped with sparkling sequins in gorgeous patterns. Masks are sold in limited quantities so you might want to get one for yourself ASAP!

KGVCX’s Silk Face Mask

silk face mask design idea

Dainty as it looks, silk face mask designs are also a way to go when you want a luxurious fabric across your face. It’s also the perfect solution for those with sensitive skin and easily gets skin irritation from non-woven masks. KGVCX’s made-to-order satin face masks are extremely soft, double layered, lustrous and comfortable with its snug fit over the nose. It’s guaranteed to be easy to wash and dry. Plus, it has a soft spandex as ear loops which makes it enjoyable to wear.

QuinClip Handmade Black Lace Polyester Face Mask

lace polyester face mask design idea

QuinClip’s face mask is designed with black lace cloth that’s made of 100% polyester, 82.5% nylon and 17.5% spandex. It has adjustable and soft ear loops for a comfortable fit and wear. It’s breathable, washable and available in black.

Make-a-Statement Face Mask Design Ideas

Alewa Reversible Mask

reversible face mask design idea
credit: Alewa

Truly one of its kind, the Alewa Reversible Mask is the brainchild of Akese Stylelines designer, Jennifer Akese-Burney. Sassy, classy and handmade African motif, this face mask features a reversible designer mask made from durable materials.

Each side has a different African print and composed of 3 layers of fabrics for protection. It has a non-woven interfacing fabric for an effective filter. Masks are washable and reusable.

Alewa Reversible Mask is offered in three options. The new, small Alewa Mask features an adjustable back strap and pocket suitable as children face masks. The adult medium size mask features designer headwrap tie straps. The large size has an elastic headband.

Collina Strada Fashion Face Mask With Bows

fashion face mask with bows design idea

Collina Strada’s fashion mask is one of the rarest in this list. The platform is actually popular for social awareness, climate awareness and self expression. And it clearly manifests in their creatively designed cloth face mask.

The face mask features large stylish bows. The material is breathable and fancy and features an internal filter. Plus, with a purchase of their face mask, you’ll get to help 5 more healthcare workers as Collina Strada donates these in New York City hospitals.


arsy mask design idea

This fashion mask creator showcases creative masks but still practical, washable and breathable. Along with vibrant artworks revolving in a wide variation of themes, these masks provide comfort and protection to wearers.

To cover for protection, all the masks are enhanced with PM2.5 filters, and provided with adjustable silicone ear loops and stick-on nose wire for better fit.

Henry Collection Masks

henry collection mask design ideas

The Henry Collection Protective Face Mask features a 3-ply 100% polypropylene nonwoven fabric with elegant designs. The material looks and is designed more like surgical masks with high BFE filtration, a thick and highly protective surface, plus it comes with different colors you can choose from. The mask also features an elastic ear loop and is made with breathable materials. It is washable and reusable and is made in the USA.

Manna Threads’ Tropical Head Strap Mask

tropical head strap mask design idea

Manna Threads’ mask is a highly durable face mask with swelteringly tropical design for women, men and children. It is handmade in the USA and is made of breathable and high quality cotton material. This face mask design has a vibrant touch which you will definitely enjoy wearing and showing around. It’s also reusable and washable. The mask also has elastic head straps made from poly-nylon for a comfortable fit.

SixFeetBack Spiky Multicolor Face Mask

make a statement spiky face mask design idea

Want to make a statement while protecting yourself and others from COVID-19? Here’s a really face mask idea with a spiky surface. Six Feet Black offers this face mask for men, women and children and whoever has a taste in bold fashion. This ultramodern mask is available in multicolor gold, pink, red, black, silver. It features adjustable ear loops and has a filter pocket. The designer/seller offers 2 free filters.


children face mask design idea

Moms and kids love these attractive and cute face mask designs in this shop. With cute and bright patterns, this cotton face mask is washable, breathable and easily adjustable. Thanks to the adjustable silicone cord stoppers and plastic lobster claw clips, these masks can fit for kids from 3 to 8 years old.

Although it does not include a filter pocket, these masks are made with double layers of 100% cotton.

By Jenson’s Clear Window Face Mask Covering

face mask covering design idea for person with disability

Clear window masks became mainstream just recently when the community realized persons with disability needed more than just the traditional face mask. For the deaf and hard of hearing, window face mask is a necessity. And to spice up its plain design, By Jenson designed it with unique art work. Jenson’s window face masks feature stylish prints with adjustable elastic ear loops for a comfortable fit. The mask is reusable and is easy to clean.

MadeinLAStore’s Hippie Style Face Mask for Men

face mask for men design idea

A particular hippie face mask design for men, this comes with a cool pattern. The mask measures 8.5” wide by 5.5” nose to chin. It has a long fit ear loop fit for men’s shapes.

Although designed for men, many customers including women love the designs and comfortable fit of these masks.

Matching Clothing with Face Mask Design Ideas

SewBeatrice Royal Blue Floral Face Mask with Scrunchie

floral face mask with scrunchie

One of the most sought after products this time is a combination of face mask and scrunchie with the same fabric used. SewBeatrice’s sells this lively floral face mask in royal blue fabric with matching scrunchie.

It has a black earloop elastic that blends perfectly well with your dark hair. The designer notes that it’s not a professional PPE, but is a stylish face covering having 2 layers of protection. The material is made with a tightly woven fabric and there’s an optional filter pocket. Sizes are available for adults and children.

Mulpanistore’s Headband with Buttons for Face Masks

turban with buttons face masks

This wonderful workout face mask plus turban/headband is the perfect combination for exercising with style. The headband comes with buttons on both sides to anchor the face mask loops, giving a comfortable wear for the user. It also reduces earaches. It’s perfect for yoga, gym, traveling and other activities as the material can absorb sweat.

koko and leigh’s Stylish Blouse with Built-In Face Covering

built-in face covering

This face mask design idea built in with the shirt is ideal for those who constantly forgets bringing along their mask outside. In particular, Koko and Leigh’s design is a Vanguard women’s tops with a built-in mask attached to it that allows filter insert. Whenever you won’t be needing the mask, you can easily fold it and it still looks awesome!

Best Floral Face Mask Design Ideas

2021 Rabbits’ Grey Embroidered Lace Face Mask

embroidered lace face mask design idea

This floral vintage embroidered lace face mask is made from 100% dual cotton lining. Its intricately handmade style features a tie-on grey ribbon and an elastic option. It also features an extended mask edge so that the ear loops won’t pull your ears that much like standard masks do.

Solei Ethnic’s Floral Embroidered Face Masks

embroidered face mask floral design idea

Embroidered face masks are a great idea if you want to express traditional or ethnic style designs. Based in Illinois, US, Solei Ethnic specializes in embroidery clothing, shawls, pillow cases, face masks and other cute trinkets. This particular stylish, multicolor floral embroidered face mask features a hand-woven style on a washable cloth. There are also different color face mask options offered by Solei Ethnic. The mask is reusable and can be easily washed. Its style matches perfectly well with any Mexican or traditional blouse.

Made in Mexico Store’s Embroidered, Mexican-Made Cloth Masks

mexican cloth face mask design idea

Handcrafted in Pueblo, Mexico, these unique and colorful face masks are a great addition to your ethnic-inspired collection. The Made in Mexico Store particularly designed it with 2 layers of fabric and an elastic ear loop. The mask is embroidered with vibrant and detailed floral designs on a black colored mask which adds emphasis on the anatomy of its design.

Traditional & Oriental Face Mask Design Ideas

RomeDesign’s Brocade Traditional Reusable Face Mask

traditional reusable face mask design idea

Another remarkable face mask design idea is styling it with an oriental touch.

Rome Design’s authentic brocade fabric mask features an oriental design with in built matching feathered earrings. The outside layer is made with a brocade material polyester and nylon. The inner layer is a soft cotton and polyester. It has an elastic band for the ears which are not sewn with the mask, so you can remove it or switch it with another designer ear loop. The mask is easy to wash and is dryable, however, the designer notes the vulnerability of silk and satin so be careful when washing it.

Beautiful Materials’ Red Asian Themed Face Mask

oriental face mask design idea

This red Asian face mask design is perfect to pair with your oriental clothing. It has 2 layers of cotton lining, and a slit for inserting a filter. It also has a removable nose wire so it won’t easily rust whenever you wash the mask. Beautiful Materials sell this mask available for toddlers, children, men and women. It is comfortable to wear, reusable and washable.

GriffithLane’s Gold and Blue Metallic Face Mask

Blue Metallic Face Mask

This Asian Heaven and Earth Chrysanthemum Metallics Face Mask is just gorgeous. The mask fabric is beautifully combined with a gold Asian motif. This face mask features a filter pocket to insert filters. The mask is offered with extra small, small, medium and large sizes for men, women, and children.

MissBiliesVintage’s Egyptian Face Mask Design

Egyptian Face Mask Design

Inspired by Luann de Lesseps’ The Real Housewives of New York City, this Cleopatra-themed Egyptian non-medical mask has a sensual touch to it. Alluring and mysterious. Its outer layer is made with an 8-inch tulle Egyptian-themed embroidery. The mask is of 3-ply with 2 layers of black Egyptian cotton sateen. The inner layer is made with a removable and washable filter. The mask also has a removable nose wire and an easy to adjust ear cord.

Banu Designs’ Indian Themed Bridal Face Mask

Indian Themed Bridal Face Mask

Inspired by Indian designs and materials, this red velvet cloth mask is the perfect fashion for those who love traditional designs. Banu Designs offer this handcrafted face dust mask made from sustainable cotton blend. You’d also love the magnificent gold sequin accents on the red velvet cloth and the wonderful embroidery. It’s ideal as a wedding mask, but it can also be used for other events.

Dorshelle Guillaume’s Luxury Oriental Rose Gold Brocade Reusable Mask

Oriental Rose Gold Brocade Reusable Mask

This handmade face mask brings luxurious style as well as comfort and protection. Made from velvet closure, brocade exterior and cotton lining, this face mask shop offers several patterned designs sewn with elastic ear loops for a nice fit.

They also offer small/medium size for average fit, and L/XL if you need longer earloops.

Best 3D Printed Face Mask Design Ideas

NanoHack 3D Printed Face Mask

NanoHack 3D Printed Face Mask design idea

This open-source face mask design by Copper3D can be made by anyone with 3D printers at home. Using Polylactic Acid (PLA) Plastic, you can print this in three parts (mask, filter grille, and cover.)

You can easily print the mask part flat on your 3D printer, then mold it using heat from a blow dryer or hot water. This is because the PLA plastic easily deforms at about 60C, making this mask easy to deform according to your face shape.

LuxMea’s Customizable 3D Printed Face Mask

Customizable 3D Printed Face Mask design idea

Instead of going for a “one size fits all” mask, Luxmea opted for their Nuo 3D mask, a personalized and custom face mask that is designed according to your face measurements.

With the use of computational design and 3D printing, you can go through an online smart guide that will take individual measurements of your face. This will then be 3D printed and sent to your doorstep.

Aside from the custom plastic frame, the mask includes a replaceable filter that can filter 99% of micropollutant particles.

3D Printed Face Mask Fitter

3D Printed Face Mask Fitter design idea

Another custom 3D print, the Bellus3D’s Face Mask Fitter is a 3D printed plastic frame that is made based on a person’s face shape to improve the seal of common surgical or other cloth face masks.

Using Bellus3D FaceApp, you can use it to perform a quick 3D scan and generate your own mask fitter. This works with iPhones with FaceID capability. You can then print it using a 3D printer or have it be printed on makerspaces or 3D printing shops.

Being custom fit, this can be used with surgical masks or any cloth masks and is even reusable and can be disinfected by spray or wipe.

Final Thoughts

So, have you got any favorites in this list? There are plenty of face mask design ideas in the world today. We hope this list helped you find an inspiration on how you can make your own unique face mask design version. If you have, show us in the comment below!



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