best face mask manufacturers in usa

5 Best Face Mask Manufacturers in USA

Are you looking for the top face mask manufacturers in the US? Did you know that US face mask manufacturers can now meet the public demand for cloth face masks, but is still in short supply for medical face masks?

Yes, you heard that right! 7 months into the COVID-19 pandemic and the country is still not meeting production demands for surgical masks and N95 respirators for hospital use.

To add more salt on the wound, a recent local COVID storm has taken over Idaho, Wyoming, West Virginia, Iowa, Alaska, Utah, Oklahoma and Nebraska, adding more COVID cases in the country.

Hence, if you’re looking into donating bulk face masks for hospitals, supplying your healthcare staff or wanting to find wholesale suppliers for pharmacy stocks, you’re in the right place.

Below are 5 of the most promising face mask manufacturers in the US where you can find great deals for wholesale and bulk orders of face masks.

Best Face Mask Factories in USA

1. Hickory Springs

Type of Business: Manufacturer
Headquarters: Hickory, NC 28602
Main Market: USA
Certificates: Level 1 ASTM, FDA/CE approved

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Hickory Springs has 22 manufacturing facilities in the US. The company is originally an ISO certified manufacturer of foams and foam extrusions, but has also ventured out in manufacturing foam mattresses, procedure masks, face masks, isolation gowns and other PPE devices and equipment.

The company offers face masks with packaging of 100 masks per box at an affordable wholesale package. These are non-sterile face masks with elastic ear loops and layered construction.

Face Masks Details

medical grade disposable mask

Procedure masks offered by Hickory Springs have:

  • a non-sterile Level 1 ASTM protection and are made in the US.
  • They are surgical masks with low barrier protection and can be used for low risk exams with low contaminations.
  • ASTM Level 1 procedure masks can provide protection from fluid splashes, aerosols and sprays having a force of 80mmHg.
  • These masks can be used for work and crowded area protective coverings.

2. PZero Innovations

Type of Business: Manufacturer
Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA 90011
Main Market: USA
Certificates: Level 3 SQF, FDA/CE certifications

best medical mask manufacturers in us

PZero Innovations, a US- based mask manufacturer, emerged this year to respond to the demand of medical PPE products. PZero handles manufacturing 100 million surgical masks per month in their Los Angeles facility.

To ensure the best protection for medical staff and the public, the company provides Class 1 flame-tested masks, according to the ASTM 1862. The company manufactures masks which are tested on stringent quality management systems and the FDA. PZero Innovations acquires raw materials only from US-based manufacturing companies.

high quality face mask for surgeons

3. SQM Medical Supplies

Type of Business: Manufacturer, OEM provider
Headquarters: Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Main Market: USA
Company Age: 7 years
Certificates: ISO 9002 and ISO 14000 certified, FDA-approved, ASTM standards

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SQ Medical is one of the top OEM face mask manufacturers in the US. They have a large factory manufacturing over 5 million medical face masks per day! The company’s products include procedure masks, protective dust masks, surgical masks, and other products made from non-woven materials.
SQM has high quality standards for quality control and manufacturing procedures. This makes their products highly reliable for protection and source control.

Face Mask Details

3-ply disposable mask

SQM’s face masks are made of 3 ply protection and are available as ASTM levels 1 or 2. They also have 4-ply non-woven medical masks and KN95 masks.

4. Safety Pure

Type of Business: Manufacturer, OEM provider
Headquarters: Las Vegas, Nevada, US
Main Market: USA
Certificates: FDA-approved, ASTM standards

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Safety Pure® is a validated COVID-19 Response Supplier on The company offers private labeling and contract manufacturing of disposable face masks and custom face masks. They also offer a one-stop shop for other health staples and PPE products in the US such as face shield, disposable isolation gowns, disposable shoe cover, antibacterial hand sanitizers, disinfectants, EPA approved disinfectants, alcohol wipes and other products.

Face Masks Details

3-ply disposable face mask

  • 3-Ply Disposable Medical Face Mask
  • 3D Cotton Mask
  • 4 layer Adjustable Cloth Face Mask with Filter
  • Adjustable Cloth Face Mask with Filter

5. Ceemly

Type of Business: Manufacturer and wholesaler
Headquarters: Southern California, USA
Main Market: USA
Company Age: 25 years in manufacturing soft goods
Certificates: NIOSH certified, FDA, EUA

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Ceemly is a US face mask manufacturer formed out of a passion to help in the shortage for high quality and reliable medical-grade face masks. Surgical face masks offered by the company ranges from ASTM Level 1, 2 and 3. The company also offers affordable bulk face masks at a lower price point than other companies.

Ceemly, originally a manufacturer of soft goods, has a large industrial factory capable of manufacturing tons of product inventory per day. They have several machines and enough raw materials to mass produce large quantities of medical supplies and high-grade face masks.
The company also has decades of experience in in-house design services and sourcing products.

Face Mask Details

3-ply disposable surgical mask

Ceemly offers 3-ply disposable face masks ideal for single use. It features a layered design, flexible crimping and a comfortable elastic ear loop strap.

Wrapping Up

The US is now gaining traction in the manufacture of face masks for public use, but the production of N95 respirators and surgical face masks is lagging. In this list of 5 of the best face masks manufacturers in the US, we hope you were able to buy medical-grade masks for your hospital staff or for your pharmacy supply.

If you were unlucky in your quest to find reliable masks within your budget, you can go to to find high-grade face masks at an affordable cost! We ship bulk surgical masks, surgical isolation gowns and other protective clothing in the US with worry-free shipping.



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