Germany Government Contracted PPE Supplier

HisoMedical is a professional PPE Manufacturer in China having supplied over billions of medical staples to healthcare industries across the globe.

How to become an excellent one-stop provider of PPE

We have been paying attention to the procurement needs and procurement channels of the European government. This is our core goal, to help people avoid COVID-19 by providing high-quality products to the government.

1. Our support on Fast delivery

Provide customers with the fastest delivery time. Through long-term contact with Air France, cooperation was finally reached.

In the case of high flight control and high surcharges, it provides customers with the second option of fast shipping, the 15-day EU train.

In the case of restrictions on bulk goods, provide customers with small parcels to reach Europe in 5 days.

2. HISOMEDICAL stable capacity

By integrating the resources of 5 factories, the production capacity will be steadily increased to 10 million Nissan. This requires the factory to have such resource integration capabilities, and HISO medical is precisely this model.

In the case of soaring domestic raw material prices and insufficient supply, HISO exudes thinking to import Melt blown Fabric from Germany. It makes its best efforts for stable production capacity and high quality.

Actively provide mask machines to the cooperative factory to increase production capacity.

3. Cost-Effective

  • Negotiate pricing with our Melt blown Fabric.
  • Reduce costs through the number of sisters.
  • Reduce unnecessary transportation costs.

Plan the cooperative factory to the same area, Xiantao City, a city with a developed mask industry.

4. Product quality control process

Test the weight of the three-layer protection of our HISO brand masks.

Only select factories that have a medical business license recognized by the Chinese government for cooperation.

Test the Melt Blown Fabric BFE imported from Germany. BFE>98%

Provide professional services and receive orders for 5 million masks from the German government. Deliver the goods to Germany on time in a formal and professional production process.

Every customer choice is an affirmation of our HISO MEDICAL service, and you certainly want to feel the ease of connecting with a professional team. So come and be our next long-term customer from now on.



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