7 best latex gloves manufacturers in the usa

7 Best Latex Gloves Manufacturers & Suppliers in USA

Which latex gloves manufacturers in the USA are industry-leaders? If you want to buy reliable disposable latex gloves in the market, this list provides the best USA suppliers and factories for you to choose from.

Latex gloves are one of the most popular cross-contamination prevention and PPE devices, alongside isolation gowns, face masks, respirators and shoe covers.

In a nutshell, latex gloves offer a high degree of protection against viruses and bacteria that’s why they’re highly used in surgeries and medical procedures and industrial applications.

If you’re after the best quality latex gloves in the US with fair prices, we’ve put up this list of the best manufacturers you can buy in wholesale from.

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Without further ado, here are the best suppliers of Latex Gloves in the US.

7 Best American Latex Gloves Manufacturers and Suppliers

1. Medline Industries Inc.

Headquarters: Northfield, Illinois
Main market: North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.
Years of experience: 54 years
Certificates: cGMP, FDA-registered facility, EN certificates

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Medline is a multinational manufacturer of PPE products such as face masks, surgical masks, isolation gowns, surgical gloves and many more. If you’re after the best quality latex exam gloves in the US, you’ve got to try Medline. They are a reliable source of latex exam gloves, surgical gloves and medical hand protection PPE for doctors, nurses, and healthcare staff.

Medline also manufactures disposable and reusable protective devices for hospital use. Medical gloves include exam gloves, glove liners, and specialty surgical gloves.

Aside from providing its customers with high quality PPE, the company also has a great reputation when it comes to customer service and satisfaction. They cater with quick delivery services and on time delivery.

Medline has vast experience in export and distribution of products, catering to worldwide demand. They have been one of the quickest companies to respond to the COVID-19 crisis medical supply demand.

2. AMMEX Corporation

Headquarters: Kent, Washington, USA
Main Markets: USA, global
Years of experience: 32 years
Certificates: ISO 9001:2008

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Ammex is an established glove manufacturing company with a growing number of distributors worldwide. Based in Washington, AMMEX is an ideal choice for partnership if you’re looking into distributing high quality latex gloves at a low price.

AMMEX manufactures and supplies latex gloves, vinyl gloves, nitrile gloves and poly gloves. They also have several PPE items in the market such as face masks and face coverings.

Overall, what customers have to say about AMMEX is that they have great customer service and distributor support for growing their glove sales. The company also offers generous pricing for wholesale latex gloves orders.

Among their latex glove brand is Gloveworks, an Ivory latex industrial glove offered in 5 mil and 8 mil with high resistance to puncture and chemicals. They also offer powder-free disposable latex gloves.

3. Renco Corporation

Headquarters: Manchester, MA
Business: OEM and distributor of gloves
Main Market: US
Years of experience: 58 years

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Renco Corporation is a leading latex gloves supplier in the US. The company offers latex gloves which meet ASTM test standards. Renco is known for manufacturing the Titeline Sleeve/Glove Systems.

The company manufactures latex gloves from natural rubber latex and compounded materials which improves its sensitivity and other qualities. Furthermore, these disposable latex gloves are resistant to chemicals and acids and are highly durable.

Renco’s latex exam gloves are highly used in health care facilities due to its clever design and excellent features. The company supplies products to cleanrooms, laboratories, biotechnology facilities, research and development centers, universities, electronics, hospitals and factories in the US.

Furthermore, Renco also has a range of similar items which includes sleeves, finger cots, liners, and port accessories. The company also accepts custom glove orders under their Build-a-Glove program, in which clients can request their desired glove type, material, port size, glove size, thickness and length.

4. Reagents

Headquarters: Charlotte, NC 28214
Business: Manufacturer, Supplier of chemicals, reagents and gloves
Main Market: US
Years of experience: 50 years
Certificates: cGMP, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17025 Standards

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Reagents not only supplies chemical agents and reagents, but is also known as a latex glove supplier in the US. The company specializes in manufacturing and distributing specialty chemical and analytical testing solutions, as well as nitrile and latex gloves.

Reagents offers disposable latex gloves, black latex gloves and blue examination gloves. The supplier offers a wide range of packaging options for wholesale and retail orders. Each package may contain 200 gloves per pack or 100 gloves per pack. The Nitrile Gloves they offer are also NFPA approved.

5. Carolina Glove & Safety Co.

Headquarters: Aurora, IL, USA
Business: manufacturing and distribution
Main market: US, global
Years of experience: 20 years

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Carolina Glove is an industrial latex glove manufacturer and distributor. Their products include powder-free, powdered, embossed grip, line and unlined, recycled yarn, polyester and disposable latex gloves.

Carolina Glove provides these hand protection PPE products usually for consumer, industrial, and retail applications. They also market a variety of glove sizes and colors which have high durability and tensile strength.

The company is also open to customizing gloves for their clients.

6. Aurelia Gloves

Headquarters: Aurora, IL, USA
Business: manufacturing and distribution
Main market: US, global
Years of experience: 20 years

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Aurelia® Gloves is a glove manufacturing company in Illinois, USA. The company offers a wide range of glove types such as latex gloves and nitrile gloves used in the industrial, medical, emergency response, dental, food, safety and healthcare industries. Latex gloves are offered as powder-free, thin and comfortable to provide the proper sensitivity and hand dexterity of the wearer.

Aurelia Gloves is the company behind popular latex glove brands such as Vibrant, Distinct, Refresh and Luminance.

Aurelia Gloves is a division of another leading glove manufacturing company, Supermax Healthcare, which focuses on manufacturing high-quality surgical/medical gloves. Supermax Healthcare is world-renowned and exports to over 150 countries in the US, Europe, Middle East, South Pacific and Asia.

7. Kimberly-Clark

Headquarters: Irving, Texas, United States
Main Markets: US and 175 countries worldwide, 36 manufacturing facilities
Years of experience: 148 years
Certificates: FDA-regulated, ISO certified glove manufacturing plant

PPE manufacturer and supplier
Kimberly Clark is one of the largest names when it comes to personal protective equipment (PPE), personal care, health care and workplace safety products. The company also markets a variety of gloves such as latex and nitrile gloves.

Kimberly Clark is one of the best manufacturers of latex gloves for medical applications. The company also markets the KIMTECH brand and Kleenguard brand. KIMTECH latex gloves is a fully textured, powder-free exam gloves used in pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturing, research laboratories and many more. These latex exam gloves are offered in a variety of sizes from small, medium to large sizes.

Wrapping Up

We hope you were able to find a reliable supplier of latex gloves in the US. As there is a major surge in the Latex Glove market, dozens of manufacturers are booked up until 2021.

Hence, if you cannot find a supplier in the US, HisoMedical has open doors to cater the needs of your company. We manufacture billions of latex gloves inventories per month and can provide you with stable supplies. Payment options are secure and we have complete export licenses and quality test reports. Contact us now for a personalized, FREE quotation.



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