Top 5 Surgical Gloves Manufacturers in China

Looking for a certified surgical gloves manufacturer in China with the best quality and prices offered? Whether you’re importing to the US, Europe, Australia or Asia, you should look at these top glove companies in China.

List of the Top Surgical Gloves Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters in China

These are the top surgical gloves manufacturers in China. As you can see, there are several qualified sterile surgical gloves companies manufacturing nitrile gloves, latex gloves and vinyl gloves. Through our team’s intensive research and sourcing experience, we gather these top FDA approved surgical gloves in the country.

  1. Anhui Haojie Plastic and Rubber Products Co.
  2. Shangdong Yuyuan Latex Gloves
  3. Shenzhen HisoMedical Co., Ltd
  4. Guangzhou Pidegree Medical Technology Co., Ltd.
  5. Ningbo Ideal Medical Industries Co., Ltd.

Capabilities & List Criteria

The following manufacturers we chose have strictly passed the following criteria:

  • Industry leaders in surgical glove manufacturing
  • Have reasonable medical hand gloves price
  • Have ISO and GMP certified facilities and have passed medical goods export requirements

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5 Best Surgical Glove Manufacturers, Suppliers & Factories in China

1. Anhui Haojie Plastic and Rubber Products Co.

Type of Business: Manufacturer/Factory, Trading Company, OEM
Headquarters: 170 Daqing Road, Bengbu, Anhui, China
Main market: Europe and Australia, Asia
Years of experience: 60+ years
Certificates: ISO 9001 and CCC

Surgical Gloves Manufacturers china

Haojie is one of the best surgical gloves manufacturers in China founded in 1958. The company has over 60+ years experience in the production, quality assurance and trading of disposable surgical gloves, latex exam gloves, nitrile gloves and household gloves. It’s production capacity reaches over 2 billion pairs of exam gloves annually, with 8 million pairs for cheap surgical gloves.

It has its own ISO certified company, several legitimate certificates and export capabilities. The company supplies a variety of products, but their main products are surgical gloves. The company offers multiple options such as palm width, edge of coarse, and minimum length glove products. They also have sterile and non sterile surgical exam gloves and packaging.

Aside from powdered and powder free disposable gloves, they also supply several medical/hospital equipment. These include surgical gowns, medical isolation gowns, infusion pumps, medical orthopedic equipment, latex free tourniquet, insulin pen, blood bags, and many more.

Key Products

  • Powdered surgical gloves; Powder-free surgical gloves
  • Powder free sterile gloves
  • Latex examination gloves
  • Nitrile gloves

2. Shangdong Yuyuan Latex Gloves

Type of Business: Manufacturer/Factory, Trading Company
Headquarters: Industrial Zone, Linqing City, Shandong Province, China
Main market: Europe, US, Central Asia, Africa
Years of experience: 16 years
Certificates: Test reports for CE, ASTM, GB, EN 455, Medical Devices Directive, ISO 13485

Surgical Gloves supplier in China

Yuyuan Latex Gloves is a manufacturer and international trader of latex surgical gloves since 2005. The company specializes in the production of surgical gloves and examination gloves serving the food, medical, health and safety, electronic equipment, beauty salon and R&D industries.

The company boasts of 12+ automated and state-of-the-art glove production lines, producing over 1.44 billion pairs of gloves annually. With the high capacity which their glove factory can produce, the company exports to the EU, US, Africa and Central Asia.

Yuyuan also presents complete product specification, data sheets and test reports for the manufacture and sale of surgical gloves, such as CE, ASTM, EN 455, GB and ISO.

In addition, the company has designated facilities/areas for water impermeability tests, sterility testing, tensile performance testing, 100,000-level purification workshop and glove packaging machines. They offer several glove features such as different palm width, physical property, physical property and many more. You can choose between powdered and powder-free surgical gloves too.

Key Products

  • nitrile surgical gloves
  • sterile gloves price
  • Rubber examination gloves
  • Powder-free and powdered latex surgical gloves and nitrile gloves
  • latex free sterile gloves
  • Wholesale non-sterile and sterile gloves

3. Shenzhen HisoMedical Co., Ltd.

Type of Business: Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter, OEM, Private Label
Headquarters: Shenzhen, China
Main market: Germany, Belgium, France, UK, US, etc
Years of experience: 12 years
Certificates: CE, FDA, ISO9001


HisoMedical is a surgical gloves manufacturing company located in Shenzhen, China. The company specializes in the manufacture and trade of hospital PPE and medical clothing for different countries.

One of its capabilities is having the capability to import top quality raw materials from abroad, such as non-woven products, and mass producing products in their ISO factory. They offer wholesale surgical gloves, protective clothing and surgical masks.

HisoMedical has a daily capacity of over 2 billion pieces of protective clothing and suits. They widely export their products to the US, Australia and especially to European countries. The company boasts of complete test reports, export licenses, medical certificates for manufacturing these types of products, and certificates from the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA).

Moreover, HisoMedical offers competitive medical hand gloves prices, especially for high bulk orders.

Key Products

  • Nitrile gloves, vinyl gloves, latex gloves
  • Isolation surgical gowns and drapes
  • Protective coveralls and overalls
  • Surgical masks, Tie-back face mask, disposable medical masks
  • Respirator masks like FFP3, FFP2, KN95

4. Guangzhou Pidegree Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Type of Business: Manufacturer/Factory, Trading Company
Headquarters: Mingrun Business Building, No. 199 Huangbian Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, 510000, China
Main market: Europe, America ,Japan, Australia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, Africa
Years of experience: 10 years
Certificates: Medical Devices Directive, ISO 9001:2000, ISO 13485, FDA and CE certification

Surgical Gloves exporter china

Pidegree is a medical surgical gloves supplier in China founded 1998. The company specializes in the bulk production and sale of nitrile, vinyl and latex gloves marketed under the Hearmed & iGlove brand. Their brand also covers several PPE types such as nonwoven gowns and aprons, latex-based condoms, and many more.

The company, having more than 23 years of experience, has developed from a single factory of disposable PPE products to erecting several departments.

Today they have a complete research and development facility, quality control facility, advanced warehousing and manufacturing facilities. Pidegree Medical has exported to the EU, Australia, Middle East, US and other countries.

In terms of surgical gloves, they offer powder-free and powdered options. They serve the food, medical, dentistry, electronics, laboratory and industrial processing industries. In addition, the company bears CE and FDA certifications for seamless exporting and importing of products to the EU and US.

Key Products

  • Sterile surgical gloves
  • Powdered latex, nitrile vinyl and poly gloves
  • Powder-free surgical latex gloves
  • Powder-free nitrile gloves and vinyl gloves

5. Ningbo Ideal Medical Industries Co., Ltd.

Type of Business: Manufacturer/Factory, Trading Company
Headquarters: Room 1605, A1 Liyuan Mansion, No.203 Haishu District , Ningbo 315000, China
Main market: Australia, Europe, US
Certificates: ISO 9002, Test Reports ASTM D3577-91, EN 455, and AS 40, FDA, CE

Surgical Gloves manufacturing company in China

Ideal Medical Industries is a Ningbo-based surgical glove manufacturer for sterile and non-sterile options. The company offers a magnitude of products with different sizes, features and styles for nitrile gloves, latex and vinyl examination gloves. Ideal Medical has a monthly glove production capacity of over 12 million pairs of gloves or 144 million pairs of gloves annually.

Ideal Medical has marketed their products to over 40 countries worldwide. These surgical glove products meet CE and FDA standards for the distribution of medical products. They also have complete test reports and product specification sheets for all their products. Moreover, the company manufactures sterile or non-sterile latex, nitrile, vinyl exam gloves which meet EN455.

One of the key benefits of Ideal Medical is offering competitive sterile gloves prices for wholesale or bulk orders.

Key Products

  • Sterile and non sterile medical surgical gloves
  • Powdered nitrile gloves
  • Powder free nitrile gloves
  • Sterile and non sterile latex gloves
  • Powdered vinyl gloves
  • Powder-free medical vinyl gloves

Wrapping Up

For those who want to import from China, you can find a lot of Surgical Gloves Manufacturers in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hubei. These manufacturers may offer competitive prices, however not all of them are qualified to export medical related products. This gives you the most qualified manufacturers, exporters, suppliers, distributors and wholesalers of surgical gloves from China.

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