Guide to the Best Surgical Gloves Manufacturers in Germany

Searched far and wide for the top suppliers of surgical gloves in Germany to no avail? Here we’ve listed the top companies manufacturing surgical gloves.

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Medical surgical gloves are an integral part in protecting against viral viruses, especially these days. That’s why the need for high-quality gloves is a must as we’ll want to provide maximum protection to its users. Not only this, but higher-quality gloves also provide moisturizing and soothing properties.

Germany has many manufacturers that provide the highest quality products in the world. So in this article, we’ve listed the suppliers of the best surgical gloves in Germany where you can get the bang for your buck.

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Nitrile Surgical Gloves vs Latex Surgical Gloves

The main difference between nitrile surgical gloves and latex surgical gloves is the strength and resistance to chemicals and other corrosive materials. Nitrile gloves are generally stronger, and more durable than their latex counterparts. They are best suited for handling strong chemicals, or highly dangerous items. Latex gloves, on the other hand, are more elastic and flexible and are best suited for medical environments, where precision is key.

Before You Order

1. Scams

These days when scams are highly prevalent, make sure to do your due diligence, especially when ordering and paying high amounts.

2. Product Prices

The product prices listed on the company’s website may not be final. This is especially true these days as the demand for medical supplies, particularly that of sterile surgical gloves, is extremely high.

Best surgical gloves exporters, suppliers, and manufacturers in Germany

1. Gloveler Gmbh

Type of Business: Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Trader, Exporter
Headquarters: Ullsteinstraße 130, 12109 Berlin, Germany
Years of experience: 14 years
Certificates: ISO 9001, SGS, FDA

 Surgical Gloves Manufacturers in Germany

Gloveler Gmbh, established in 2007, is a manufacturer specializing in wholesale surgical gloves, nitrile surgical gloves, latex gloves, and other protective gloves.

The company adheres to strict quality assurance, making sure that each product conforms to US and European standards. They also use high-purity materials and precision molding technology for their products.

They have a minimum order quantity of 5000 pairs, but can handle small orders. Lead time is usually 10-15 orders (depends on the quantity). All orders undergo both spot inspection and finished product inspection.

Surgical Gloves Options

  • Disposable Oil-Proof And Anti-Static Nitrile Surgical Gloves
  • Navy Blue Surgical Gloves
  • Powder Free Acid And Alkali Disposable Surgical Gloves

2. NITRAS Medical

Type of Business: Manufacturer, Supplier, Trader, Importer
Headquarters: MCD Medical Care Dental GmbH, Heinrich-Hertz-Str. 11, 50181 Bedburg, Germany
Years of experience: 20 years
Certificates: EN ISO 9001, EN 13485, EN ISO 374, CE, EN 455

Nitrile Gloves Manufacturer in Germany

NITRAS Medical is an industry leader in the manufacture and supply of medical disposable products (i.e. disposable surgical gloves, disposable face masks, etc.). They have over 20 years of experience in creating superb quality products.

NITRAS Medical has a 10,000 sqm storage area which allows them to have short lead times and a high sales turnover. They also have a purchasing office in Shanghai which they use to communicate with their suppliers.

Key Products

  • Nitrile Gloves
  • Vinyl Gloves
  • Latex Gloves

3. Unigloves

Type of Business: Manufacturer, Private Label Manufacturer, Supplier, Trading Company
Headquarters: Camp-Spich-Straße 71, 53842 Troisdorf, Germany
Markets: Europe (particularly UK and Germany), Asia, US
Years of experience: 32 years
Certificates: ISO 900:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, Certificate of Resilience, BSIF Registered Safety Supplier Certificate, EN 455

glove manufacturer UK 3
Unigloves is a world-known gloves manufacturer from the UK, which has a factory in Germany. The company has also expanded its operations to the largest glove manufacturing country in the world- Malaysia.

Unigloves can produce a total of 100 pieces per second through their state-of-the-art manufacturing system. That is an annual production of 3 billion superb quality products per year. The company also provides a wide assortment of customizations to its products. They even have different lines that go along with this (their Pearl Line being the most popular).

Catching up to the modern age, they have also designed their very own way of tracking orders via a barcode-controlled system. This system allows more transparency to the production and supply chain.

Surgical Gloves Options

  • Powder: Powder free, Powdered
  • Colors: Aqua Blue, Black, Blue, Burgundy, Clear, Green, Natural, Orange, Peach, Peach /
  • Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Sapphire Blue, Violet, White, Yellow
  • Type: Nitrile, Latex, Vinyl
  • Design: Ambidextrous, Handspecific
  • Length: Extended Cuff, Standard, 240

Key Products

  • Latex Surgical Gloves
  • Powder Free Nitrile Gloves
  • Powder Free Latex Gloves
  • Powder Free Vinyl Gloves
  • Household Gloves

Wrapping Up

Finding a reputable supplier is no joke. Hopefully, we were able to provide you a trusted source of latex surgical gloves, or nitrile surgical gloves. If you’re looking for other medical products in Germany, then try out the following articles:

If you want to order from an established source with more than 10 years of experience, then check out HisoMedical. We are a manufacturer of surgical gloves that only offer the best quality products for all our clients. All our products are FDA and CE-approved and have passed a rigorous quality assurance process. We also offer fast, and stable delivery and amazing customer service. Book with us now.

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  2. Hi, I live in Iran, I have made a device for wearing hospital surgical gloves, nurses will wear these gloves in less than 5 seconds, because I love Turkey and Istanbul, I want to make this device in Turkey Produce and send to all hospitals in the world, I ask your company to support me to produce this device with the help of each other. Thankful



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