5 Best Surgical Gown Manufacturers in Italy

Are you looking for the best Italian manufacturers and suppliers of surgical gowns, drapes, coveralls or medical apparels? You’ve come to the right place! This article lists 5 of the best surgical gown manufacturers in Italy.

Top Surgical Gown Manufacturers in Italy

1. Dispotech

Headquarters: Via M. Del Grosso 8/12, 23022 Chiavenna (SO), Italy
Markets: Italy and worldwide
Certificates: ISO 13485 certification, European Directive 93/42/EEC on medical devices

Surgical Gown Manufacturers in Italy 1

Dispotech is a manufacturer of disposable medical products in Italy proudly sourced by local manufacturers in Italy. The company provides a variety of products for medical, dental, mass retail, sports and promotional sectors.

Dispotech ensures the best performance in their production cycle, from sourcing raw materials, the production process, and up to the finished product. Each machinery is also maintained and optimized to keep maximum efficiency throughout the whole process.

The company also offers customization with their products and has partnered with private brands and other major international companies.

Dispotech offers their Perfecto Surgical Gown, designed to protect against high and low risk of infection and liquid penetration. These surgical gowns, made with 45g/m2 SMS, are designed for breathability, comfort, ergonomics, and protection.

Product Features:

  • Disposable Surgical Gowns
  • Easy Sterilization: Can be sterilized at 134°C
  • Customization and private labeling
  • Available as 25 or 50 units per package

2. Pluritex

Headquarters: Via E. Papini, 19 – 43036 Fidenza (PR) – Italy
Markets: Italy, Turkey, and European countries
Certificates: DIN EN 13795-1-2-3, Directive 93/42 EEC

Surgical Gown Manufacturers in Italy 2

Pluritex is a manufacturing, distribution and partnership company dedicated to the development and production of reusable protective gowns and drapes in the medical field.

Aiming for the safety and comfort of clinical professionals and patients, the company produces
Class 1 surgical gowns and drapes which are developed with liquid resistance for high-performance areas.

Their specialized OR gowns and drapes are manufactured to withstand bacteria and virus penetration. These medical gowns are tested against liquids like blood, disinfectants and iodine.

Pluritex manufactures highly breathable ePTFE membrane, providing comfort for the wearer even under critical working environments, reducing heat stress for the wearer. The three-layer membrane also offers thermal insulation for patients to keep them warm in cases of extensive surgeries.

Product Features:

  • barrier against penetration to pathogens and viruses
  • impermeable to liquids
  • Antistatic
  • comfortable and breathable
  • Scratch- resistant, durable and lint- free

3. Gima

Headquarters: GESSATE, MILANO, Italy
Markets: Italy, Europe, Germany
Certificates: CE certificates and/or declarations of conformity, ISO 13485 certificate

Surgical Gown Manufacturers in Italy 3

GIMA is one of the leading medical companies in Italy, having 94 years experience in distribution and sales of medical products in more than 145 countries. They cater to anywhere in the world with easy and quick ordering and no minimum order required.

Established in 1926, Gima started as a manufacturer of glass and metal syringes. The company grew in the medical industry since, providing a variety of products for the medical profession. Since founding, the company is directed by members of the Manzoni family that own the company.

GIMA is a manufacturer and distributor of more than 8500 quality and certified medical products. One product among their product line are sterile and non-sterile surgical gowns. Designed for protection of patients and medical staff, these medical gowns are made of waterproof and abrasion resistant non-woven clothing.

Product Features:

  • Disposable surgical gowns for comfort and protection
  • fluid repellent and abrasion resistant
  • ultrasonic sewing
  • knitted cuff/velcro at neck
  • anti microorganism and antibody fluids
  • antistatic treatment
  • high strength and reliable

4. Alfa Medi

Headquarters: Leif Erikssonstraat 1, 1363 LG Almere NETHERLANDS
Markets: Europe, USA, Asia
Certificates: ISO9001-2000, CE certified and FDA-UDI, Factory is ISO13485 approved

Surgical Gown Manufacturers in Italy 4

Alfa Medi is a company specializing in medical products, from disposable products, orthopedic instruments, and sports protective equipment.

The company offers more than 400 medical non-woven clothing, gloves and disposable products. Alfa Medi ensures high-quality production, confirming with ISO13485, ISO9001-2000. Moreover, their products are also CE certified and FDA-UDI standard compliant.

The factory is a leader in industry innovation with being flexible and ambitious. Alfa Medi sells their products around the world with strict quality control guidelines and timely delivery. Moreover, their R&D team is open to developing the customer’s to develop new products.

Product Features:

  • Disposable surgical gown with knitted cuff, velcro on the back neck, four waist belts with card,
  • book folding
  • Virus protective
  • Comfortable and breathable film
  • Sterilization with ethylene oxide
  • Comes in different colors, e.g. white, light blue, dark blue, light yellow

Alfa Medi has its own research and development team in medical polymer orthopaedic instruments and sports protective equipment, which guarantees innovation.

5. Nova Mask

Headquarters: Istanbul, Turkey
Markets: Italy, Turkey, and European countries
Certificates: CE, and declarations of conformity

Surgical Gown Manufacturers in Italy 5

Nova Mask is a mask manufacturing and surgical gown manufacturing company based in Istanbul. It is actively supplying its products across European countries including Germany, Italy, Sweden and many more. The company was established in 2008 as a filtration industry, which later turned its attention in the mass production and distribution of Coronavirus protection devices such as Surgical Face Masks and N95 certified masks.

At first, it only had a couple of face mask machineries, but today, the company has expanded to several state-of-the-art production lines in order to fill high volume demands. Nova Mask also has a production lines for Protective Coveralls and Nitrile Powder Free Gloves

The company has an expansive R&D facility which it uses to develop innovative materials for their products. Nova Mask offers competitive prices for its medical products, especially for bulk orders.

Product Features

  • Elastic hooded overalls.
  • Non-woven microporous fabric
  • Antistatic

Wrapping Up

We hope this article helped you find a reliable surgical gown manufacturer in Italy. If you are interested in importing surgical gowns, patient gowns and isolation gowns from China, have a look at HisoMedical’s products and services. We offer high quality medical gowns with maximum comfort, breathability and maximized protection at a fraction of the cost of most manufacturers.



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