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Top 5 Surgical Mask Manufacturers in Germany

Germany is a top surgical mask producer along with China and the US. If you’re looking for the best surgical mask manufacturers in Germany, you’re on the right spot!

More hospitals, nurses and doctors aggressively need surgical masks to protect them from COVID-19. Hence, there is also a need to find reliable manufacturers who are able to produce large inventories of medical grade masks.

In this article, you’ll get to know:

  • High quality producers of surgical face masks, hospital-grade masks, and medical masks meeting CE and EN 14683 Type II R standards of protection.
  • Manufacturers, exporters, suppliers offering the lowest costs for bulk surgical face masks,
  • Reliable suppliers with the best services offered, along with secure payment options

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Germany’s Surgical Mask Market Trends

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Germany has been one of the top exporters of medical supplies in the USA, UK, France and Denmark in 2019. These medical supplies include PPE kits, isolation gowns, surgical coveralls and face masks and respirators. But as the medical supplies shortage grows, a lot of countries including Germany have imported surgical masks and pharmaceutical equipment from China, the top manufacturer of medical PPE.

To address the shortage, Jen Spahn, Ministry of Health, stated that Germany would start mass production of 10 million FFP2 masks and 40 million surgical masks starting August to meet global demands.

Now, there are tons of emerging medical masks manufacturers in the country, who can be your potential partner. To help you source out the best supplier, we’ve put up the top companies below.

5 Best German Surgical Mask Manufacturers

1. Vogt Medical Vertrieb GmbH

Headquarters: Rueppurrer Str. 1A Haus B, 76137 Karlsruhe, Germany
Markets: 70 countries around the world
Years of experience: 30 years
Certificates: EN 14683 masks, DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 13485 standards

top surgical mask manufacturer germany 1

Vogt Medical Vertrieb GmbH is a surgical mask manufacturer producing German-quality disposable masks. They have been a leader in development, manufacturing and distribution since 1991. The company has a fully certified factory mass producing surgical face masks, and other PPE for hospitals. These include Nitrile examination gloves, latex gloves, vinyl and surgical gloves, surgical gowns, shoe covers, and caps.

The company’s quality management system is constantly being verified and checked by the TUV SUD to ensure they comply with DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 13485 standards.

Aside from this, they have an extensive turnkey procedure that ultimately saves time from acquisition to delivery to its after sales services. Surgical masks are offered in bulk at discounted prices at 2000 pieces per carton.

Surgical Mask Features:

  • PP nonwoven 3 ply, Type II & shelf life of 5 years
  • 23+25+25gms, non-sterile, spunbond + meltblown + spunbond
  • Hypoallergenic and high quality non-woven material
  • Breathable and comfortable with elastic bands
  • Protects wearer from viruses, bacteria and dust
  • Good ergonomic design

2. Amet Europa GmbH

Headquarters: Münsterstrasse 330 C, 40470 Düsseldorf
Main Market: Germany and EU countries
Years of experience: 26 years
Certificates: TS EN ISO 9001:2008+ 13485:2003 Medical Equipment Quality Management System certification, TSE and TSEK Quality certification, EN 14683

top surgical mask manufacturer germany 2

Amet Europa GmbH has a full-line production of personal protective equipment and disposable healthcare products. They have a massive manufacturing plant located in the Haci Sabanci Industrial Trade Zone housing new and improved automated machineries to complete millions of inventories per month.

Their surgical masks are made of polypropylene (nonwoven) raw materials which are Food and Health safe and have a high hygiene standard. The company manufactures 2-ply masks and 3-ply non woven masks, having a BFE > 99%. Aside from surgical masks, they also offer cellulose masks, surgical caps, dusk masks, gowns and coveralls, gloves and many more.

Surgical Masks Features:

  • Nonwoven Spunbond Material
  • Ultrasonic Seam
  • Two ply – 50/150 Pcs./Box, 1000/1500 Pcs./Carton
  • Three-ply – 50/150 Pcs./Box, 1000 Pcs./Carton

3. Beurer

Headquarters: Uttenweiler, Germany
Main Market: Europe, Asia, India, Switzerland, North America
Years of experience: 100+ years
Certificates: EN 14683

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Beurer is a medical device manufacturer in Germany for many years who has recently turned their attention in manufacturing surgical masks. Because of the lack of medical PPE in the country, the company has expanded their production in Germany and Hungary to produce high-quality surgical masks and FFP2 masks. The company meets and exceeds all the necessary standards for face masks. As of May 2020, they were able to make 20 million FFP2 masks for frontliners and healthcare workers.

So far, Beurer has three production lines for face masks and surgical masks in their production facility in Uttenweiler. There are two production facilities in Germany and Hungary.
Surgical Face Masks Features:
Comfortable to wear providing high protection
Bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) ≥95%
Shield against Coronavirus, and micro-organisms
3-layer non-woven fabric
175 x 95 mm

4. Franz Mensch GmbH

Headquarters: Werner-von-Siemens-Str. 2, 86807 Buchloe (Deutschland-Germany)
Main Market: Germany and EU countries
Years of experience: 45 years
Certificates: CE and EN 14683

top surgical mask manufacturer germany 4

Franz Mensch is a top surgical mask supplier in Germany producing high quality products at a low cost. They also have a large inventory of cleaning, packaging and workwear. The company is experienced in the production and trading of disposable masks, sanitary clothing and PPE workwear.

They are also the manufacturer behind NatureStar, Hygonorm, HygoBase and many brands. Franz Mensch products are highly popular in hospitals and healthcare settings.

Surgical Face Mask Features:

  • 3-ply Type II (99%) | PP
  • Polypropylene, Non-woven with Filter performance of more than 99%
  • Non sterile, hypoallergenic lint-free, skin-friendly

5. Moss

Headquarters: Lennestadt, NW, Germany
Main Market: Germany, EU
Years of experience: 40+ years
Certificates: EN 14683 Type II R standard, CE

top surgical mask manufacturer germany 5

Moss is one of the best German manufacturers of surgical masks in the European region. Their products are highly highly applauded by the general public because of its efficacy and quality. The company is shipping over millions of masks each month. They deliver certified medical MNS masks at a low cost across many EU countries.

Moss has 8 automated production lines that enables them to complete bulk orders per day. Their factory works round the clock and has a production capacity of 3 million masks for Europe.

Moss offers EN14683 Type IIR masks having a BFE of more than 98%. These are highly sought by hospitals and healthcare facilities all over Germany and worldwide.

Furthermore, Moss has a long-term company goal of being a world leader in medical supply strategy, which makes this company good to order medical products from.

Surgical Mask Features:

  • Medical grade PPE for hospitals, laboratories, nurses and doctors
  • Meets ASTM F2100 standard
  • BFE > 98%

Final Words

We hope this article helped you find a surgical mask manufacturer in Germany.

There are tons of surgical mask and PPE manufacturers in the market so the main concern of everyone is finding reliable products that can really protect you from the deadly virus. If you are looking for bulk surgical masks, coveralls, gloves and other PPE for hospitals at a low cost and high quality, we recommend you checking out HisoMedical.

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