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6 Best Surgical Mask Manufacturers in Italy

Looking for the best surgical mask manufacturers in Italy? You’re in the right place!

The collapse of the global supply chains and scarcity of manufacturing supplies led Italy and many countries into a surgical mask shortage.

If you’re one of the helpful organizations or companies wanting to fix the short supply, here are 6 of the best surgical mask manufacturers in Italy where you can buy bulk surgical mask supplies.

In this article, you’ll get to know:

  • The best producers of top-quality surgical face masks, hospital-grade masks, and medical masks that meet EN 14683 Type II R and CE standards.
  • Manufacturers, suppliers and exporters giving you the best cost for wholesale/bulk surgical face masks,
  • Responsive customer service with secure payment options

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1. Ramedical Srl S

Headquarters: PADOVA, Italy
Markets: Italy
Years of experience: 10+ years
Certificates: UNI EN 14683 and UNI EN ISO 10993-1

Ramedical is a private limited company manufacturing medical equipment and supplies. The company houses millions of disposable surgical masks which are made of high quality non-woven fabric. Furthermore, the surgical masks are made with 3 layers. They are of Type IIR and complies with UNI EN 14683 and UNI EN ISO 10993-1.

The company manufactures and sells medical devices and disposable surgical masks at a low price point and open for resellers. Their products hugely cater hospitals and healthcare facilities, but they also supply for general public use.

Ramedical Srl also has a strong network of suppliers throughout Italy and Europe which ensures abundant supply of raw materials. Their innovative production line also makes meltblown non-woven fabrics which guarantees constant production of surgical masks.

2. Newell Italy SRL

Headquarters: MILANO, Italy
Years of experience: 31 years

NWL ITALY SRL is a company known for producing wholesale manufacturing and distribution of cutlery and general hardware. They have also ventured in the production of high quality surgical masks for hospitals and the general public.

3. Dispotech Srl

Headquarters: Via M. Del Grosso 8/12, 23022 Chiavenna (SO), Italy
Markets: Italy and worldwide
Certificates: ISO 13485 certification, European Directive 93/42/EEC on medical devices

Dispotech designs and manufactures high quality disposable surgical masks directly on their automated factory. The company acquires the best raw materials which are all made in Italy to mass produce and distribute products locally and abroad.

Their products are manufactured for hospitals and medical facilities and for health workers, doctors, nurses and other medical professionals. The company also offers private label medical masks, as well as marketing their own brand.

Aside from masks, Dispotech also manufactures a wide range of medical items such as instant ice packs and heat packs. They also make reusable hot-cold gel packs, ice spray, rolls of disposable medical sheets, medical gloves, disposable sheets, disposable towels and disposable napkins, pouches and rolls for sterilisation and many more.

Because of their major contributions during the pandemic, the company has become one of the best companies in the production of medical disposable products.

4. Miroglio Textile

Markets: Italy, worldwide
Years of experience: 70 years

Miroglio Group is an Italian Textile manufacturer who has started producing surgical face masks in the light of the COVID-19 epidemic. The company is an expert in making printed fabric and plain fabric and other technical film markets. Miroglio Group has bought state-of-the-art equipment in their manufacturing plants to make the best surgical masks in the market.

5. S.I.MED. Sardinia Srl

Headquarters: Via Trento 18 – 07051 Budoni (SS)
Markets: Italy
Certificates: UNI EN 14683 certification

S.I.MED is a supplier of surgical masks in Sardinia, Italy. The company manufactures surgical masks in their production plant and sanitizes masks with an ozone. Their surgical masks are available for sale in bulk and wholesale.

Surgical masks are made with high quality 3 layers of non-woven fabric and are disposable. It has a filter exterior and a liquid-impermeable and air permeable middle layer permeable to air. The inner layer is hypoallergenic and comfortable with a nose bar that’s easy to adjust. The mask has elastic loops. The company markets their products for hospitals, healthcare facilities and for public use.

6. UFI Filters

Headquarters: Via S. Chierico, 24 – 24060, Bolgare (BG) – Italy
Certificates: EN 14683:2019, EN 14683:2019

UFI Filters is a world leader in filtration systems and thermal management sectors who has turned their attention in the manufacture of surgical masks in the wake of the pandemic.

The company now produces the latest surgical masks design and PPE items. They have converted part of their factory to mass produce face masks and more. The company can produce 3 million sqm of meltblown material per year for the production and sale of surgical masks and protection masks.

The surgical masks offered by UFI Filters are medical grade and have a ‘Class A’ classification. The masks have a BFE greater than 99%, the best efficiency for hospital use! Its particulate filtration efficiency is at 75% and has outstanding breathability.



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