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Top Surgical Mask Manufacturers & Suppliers in Canada

If you are looking for a surgical mask manufacturer in Canada to supply front line healthcare workers and those affected by COVID-19, we’ve got you covered. Meet our list of the top Canadian surgical mask manufacturers with available stocks, to ensure you get:

  • Safe surgical/procedural/medical masks, meeting Health Canada’s standards and specifications such as ASTM, NIOSH, or EN14683,
  • High-grade bulk face masks at affordable costs,
  • The best services offered, with secure payment options

COVID-19 Case in Canada and How the Surgical Mask Shortage is Being Addressed

Canada is dramatically hit by the Coronavirus disease. Currently, there are more than 7,000,000 people who are tested positive and thousands of active cases, with a thousand number of deaths. Hence, there’s practically more demand for PPEs, surgical masks and coverings for healthcare workers and the population.

Surgical masks are used as a barrier by healthcare workers and patients to avoid contamination and the spread of the Coronavirus. They also shield the environment from large infected droplets and protect patients in the surgery room from Covid-19 infected areas.

High Demand and Short Supply

In the early April 2020, Canada’s in a huge face mask shortage, prompting Canadian hospitals to reuse and disinfect their medical masks.

“Every roadblock is being addressed just to keep our front line healthcare workers safe in the midst of COVID-19,” says Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer, in her briefing.

All over Canada, health clinics, hospitals and manufacturers are straineously searching and resourcefully innovating medical tools which can help doctors and medical staff. However, surgical mask inventories and PPE are in short supply.

To address this, Canada has encouraged manufacturers to shift production lines to make more surgical face masks. Many Canadian manufacturers have already ramped up production, and even outsource face masks in China and the US just to meet the demand.

5 Best Surgical Mask Manufacturers & Suppliers in Canada

To help you with your quest, here are the largest surgical mask manufacturers and suppliers in Canada right now where you can buy in-stock bulk supplies.

1. 3M Canada

Headquarters: London, Canada
Main Market: Canada, North America, Latin America and Worldwide
Years of experience: 118+ years
Certificates: FDA-approved, RoHS, provides SDS information

surgical mask manufacturer

When you hear of 3M, its product is sure to have the best quality in the market. 3M is a large conglomerate company manufacturing medical supplies, surgical masks and PPEs around the world. They manufacture high quality face masks such as surgical masks, N95 masks and N99 masks. Aside from these, 3M also make top-brand hand sanitizers, soaps and soap dispensers.

Surgical Mask Features:

3M’s surgical masks are splash resistant, Type IIR, and with high fluid resistance and anti-fog properties.

2. Pri-Med Medical Products

Headquarters: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Years of experience: 25 years
Certificates: ASTM F2100-11 rated masks

top surgical mask manufacturer in canada 2

PRI•MED manufactures and supplies single use, procedural and surgical masks in Canada. The company specializes in manufacturing, marketing and selling high quality medical personal protective gowns.

Pri-Med has supplied thousands of medical products to Canadian hospitals and healthcare facilities. They market their own brand, as well as offer private label products and services for customers worldwide.

All of their products are quality tested and certified, which can help protect wearers from harmful substances and infectious diseases. Aside from face masks, the company also offers surgical gowns and medical devices.

Pri-Med has a complete manufacturing facility with a robust R&D department and a global brand reach.

Surgical Mask Features

Surgical masks offered by Pri-Med are available with ear loops or surgical ties. They feature a soft, breathable and comfortable texture on the face, available with or without anti-fog face shields.

3. Medicom

Headquarters: Montreal, Quebec
Main Markets: Canada, Europe, Asia, Japan, Canada
Years of experience: 32 years
Certificates: ASTM, Passed Health Canada’s requirements

top surgical mask manufacturer in canada 3

Medicom is a surgical mask manufacturer and supplier offering a wide variety of products. The company is the main distributor of infection control products for Ritmed, Hopen Brands, and Hedy Canada.

As of date, Medicom supplies their medical products from the USA, but it has announced a new Canadian mask manufacturing facility erected in Quebec. Their new-built mask factory is said to start aiding the supply shortage of Canada as soon as it is operational in July 2020.

Aside from hospital face masks, they also provide surgical gloves, non-woven cotton products, N95 respirators, disinfectants, medical apparel, and other PPE products.

SafeMask is Medicom’s top quality brand of surgical face masks used in hundreds of healthcare facilities in Canada.

Surgical Mask Features

The mask is an ear loop style face mask with a cover either in blue, pink, yellow, white, teal or lavender color. A “Medicom” label is also embossed at the base of the mask.

The company offers non-sterile masks sold in bulk with 500 masks per case. The surgical masks have a BFE of ≥ 95%, a fluid resistance of 80mmHg and a PFE of ≥ 95%.

4. Novo Textiles

Headquarters: Coquitlam, BC V3K 4S8 BC CANADA
Years of experience: 28 years manufacturing pillows and dog beds (have only started manufacturing face masks a month ago)
Certificates: ASTM F2100-11 rated masks, ISO

top surgical mask manufacturer in canada 4

Novo Textiles is originally a manufacturer of pillows and pet beds, but has pivoted into making surgical masks just this April.

Due to the Covid-19 mask shortage in Canada, the company is prompted to buy surgical mask making machines in China and start ramping up its production. The company also has secured the right permit and certificates from Health Canada to sell out their products.

Novo is also the first manufacturer of N95 surgical respirator masks in Canada. The company is one of the Canadian manufacturers who took initiative in helping patch up the shortage of medical-grade masks.

According to Daily Hive, Novo mass produces about 100,000 pieces of masks everyday and are selling them at an affordable cost. They’ve just ordered a new mask making machine and are expecting to produce an additional 100,000 per day count, making it a 200,000 capacity a day.

Surgical Mask Features

Novo’s surgical masks have a Class I rating and are made of non-woven polyesters, with ear loop straps and an adjustable metal (aluminum) nose piece.

5. Irwin Toy

Headquarters: Ontario, Canada
Years of experience: 94 years experience in making toys (have only started manufacturing surgical masks lately)
Certificates: Passed Health Canada’s requirements

top surgical mask manufacturer in canada 5

Irwin toy is originally a doll and toy manufacturer and distributor who has dramatically shifted its production lines to making surgical masks. The company has supplied about 400,000 masks in many hospitals in Canada. A large number of inventory has so far been sold in other countries such as in the USA and the Caribbean.

Surgical Mask Features

Currently, Irwin Toy is manufacturing medical-grade masks 250,000 to 500,000 a day. The company has also boasted a low price range for a piece of surgical mask, around 58 cents. Its N95 masks are at $2.9 each piece.

How Much Should Surgical Masks Cost in Canada?

Medical mask prices have soared high in the past few months amidst the outbreak of the Coronavirus. Surgical masks that were once sold at 58 cents per piece have now been sold at $1.2 to as high as $6. N95 masks are being sold ranging from $3 to as high as $17.

Can I Import Surgical Masks in Canada from China?

Currently, surgical mask manufacturers in Canada are scarce. In fact, there’s no N95 surgical respirator mask manufacturer in the country. Surgical masks are dangerously depleted, prompting over 5,000 domestic manufacturers to retool production lines and make surgical masks for front line workers.

If somehow, you’ve been unlucky in your search for a surgical mask supplier with available stocks, you can import products to your country from a China supplier such as HisoMedical.

About HisoMedical

HisoMedical is a surgical mask manufacturer and supplier in China, offering medical grade 3-ply disposable face masks. They are made of high quality meltblown plastics with thick layers of materials (25-20-20gsm), whereas other manufacturers only make its outer layer at 18gsm.

HisoMedical’s surgical masks are tested up to a BFE of 99% and comply with Health Canada’s requirements. The cost per piece ranges from an affordable 34 to 40 cents per piece. The best of all, the company will also take care of the customs clearance for you. Contact HisoMedical now!



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