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New imported Germany meltblown fabric for EN14683 Type IIR surgical face mask

Special top quality melt-blown fabric for EN14683 TYPE IIR medical face mask

What's the difference between Medical mask and Civil mask?

How to distinguish the true and false surgical mask? And what's the difference?

What's the point when it comes to quality inspection of Medical-surgical face mask?

Good news about Face Mask quality qualified by Germany healthy Ministry

FFP3 Testing by TSI 8130 professional machine

How is the quality of KN95 going on in China?

How to ensure the medical face mask quality

Self- existent Melt Blown Fabric Production line.

Gloves Professional opinion center.

How Hisomedical supply nitrile gloves to customers?

The four metheds of exporting cheap nitrile gloves

What’s the solutions while you are looking for nitrile glove supplier ?

PPE & Isolation gown Professional

Hiso medical protective clothing introduction

How to distinguish and test the PPE products?

Introduction of Isolation Gown Production Line

Factory tour & sourcing trip

Face Mask Sourcing Trip 1

Face Mask Sourcing Trip 2

#1 Souring trip-FFP2 &FFP3 Face mask factory visit by 9 hours driving

#4 Souring trip Have you get customized package from your face mask supplier

#2 Souring trip Why the face mask you purchased from China are always faulty or fake

#3 Souring trip-Why the meltblown raw material is cheap but meltblown fabric is so expensive?

FFP3 Factory and Production Line Introduction

Nitrile Gloves factory tour by Mr. Lee

New Launch of Hisomedical Type II and Type IIR Medical Face Mask

One of the white list PPE factory from the Chinese government

Blood testing of Type IIR compare with the normal medical face mask

Qualified KN95 factory visit-White listed factory of China customs

View of Mr.Lee

How to find a reliable PPE supplier in China?

How to F-U-C-K COVID-19 --Hisomeadical

Have you ever think that Medical mask are the high tech industry

Why Mr. Lee didn't make huge money for face mask

When will be this Virus under control and when will be ended

26th April New PPE products exporting policy understanding from Mr. Lee

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