5 best vinyl gloves manufacturers and suppliers in mumbai

4 Best Vinyl Gloves Manufacturers & Suppliers in Mumbai

Planning to import vinyl gloves from Mumbai, India? In this article, we list down and review the best vinyl gloves manufacturers and suppliers in Mumbai.

Vinyl gloves are usually used for medical and non-medical applications which include food handling, janitorial, examination, surgical and chemical handling industries. When it comes to vinyl gloves manufacturing, you can actually find dozens of manufacturers in India, especially in Mumbai.

To help you source a reliable supplier in Mumbai, we sifted out the best companies and factories producing Vinyl Gloves. Take a look at these companies below.

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Top 4 Vinyl Gloves Manufacturers and Suppliers in Mumbai

The following are the top glove production companies and factories in Mumbai where you can buy in wholesale or avail private labeling services. Note that we are not affiliated with these companies and simply want to give this article as a free resource for your reference.

1. Nulife Triple Safety

Nature of Business: Exporter, Manufacturer, Distributor, Supplier
Headquarters: A-1201, Naman Midtown, Senapati Bapat Marg, Elphinstone Road, Mumbai 400013.
Main Markets: Europe, Asia
Certificates: ISO 9001:2008, CE certification, ISO 13485 : 2003

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Nulife Triple Safety is a professional gloves manufacturer for healthcare facilities, clinics, hospitals, cleanrooms, food handling industries. With its ISO certified manufacturing facility, large production capacity and FDA/CE approval, the company is capable of exporting products to Europe and the US.

Nulife is MRK Healthcare’s subsidiary manufacturing a range of healthcare technologies and disposable surgical items. They also serve hospitals and food industries.

The company exports vinyl gloves, nitrile gloves and latex gloves in over 70 countries worldwide. Nulife’s factory in Mumbai has a capacity of 100 million PPE per month. The company also offers a large margin for retailers and wholesale orders.

Key Products

  • Vinyl exam gloves
  • Latex examination gloves
  • Disposable nitrile hand gloves
  • Sterile gloves
  • Long cuff nitrile gloves

2. Surgi Pharma

Nature of Business: Manufacturer, Distributor
Headquarters: Unit No. B-337, 3rd Floor, Antop Hill Warehousing, Near Barkat Ali Naka, Wadala East Mumbai – 400037, Maharashtra, India
Main Markets: India, Southeast Asia, Middle East, etc
Years of Experience: 26 years
Certificates: ISO:9001,ISO:14001, ISO:13825, CE & GMP Certified

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Surgi Pharma is an experienced exporter, distributor and manufacturer of vinyl gloves and other PPE items. The company serves the hospital, food and chemical manufacturing industries. Surgi Pharma also manufactures Non Woven Disposable Products, Baby Air Nebulizer Hood and PE Disposable Medical Products.

The company has a certified manufacturing facility and warehouse in Mumbai, India, where they use the high quality raw materials and an innovative technology set. They also adhere with accepted quality standards for medical and healthcare products to make sure seamless export and import procedures. This includes the ASTM standards for manufacturing rubber gloves and vinyl gloves.

Key Products

  • Vinyl gloves
  • White latex gloves
  • Nitrile examination gloves
  • Sterile surgical gloves/laboratory gloves
  • Vinyl examination gloves
  • Non-woven disposable products
  • N95 mask

3. Avon Healthcare

Nature of Business: Manufacturer, Wholesaler
Headquarters: Emerald Building, Unit No. 6, Plot No. 118 Sector 5, Andheri, Navi Mumbai- 410206, Maharashtra, India
Main Markets: US, Asia, Europe
Years of Experience: 9 years

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Avon Healthcare is a reputable manufacturer and supplier of healthcare products which includes Wristbands, Patient ID wristbands, rubber gloves and examination vinyl gloves. The company has an advanced and modernized manufacturing technique, as well as a state-of-the-art testing facility which helps them develop new products.

Furthermore, the company has an advanced R&D department. They also have an experienced logistics department that ensures delivery of products in a timely manner.

Key Products

  • Disposable vinyl gloves
  • Surgical gloves
  • Paper wristband
  • Id Card
  • Custom lanyard
  • Food grade gloves

4. Unisafe Systems India

Nature of Business: Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier
Headquarters: 91 K/9 A, Raut Estate, S V Road, Opp. Venkatesh Mandir, Kalbadevi, S V Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400002, India
Main Markets: India, Asia, Europe, US
Certificates: ISO 9001

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Unisafe Systems India is a renowned medical equipment supplier based in Mumbai. The company has an advanced manufacturing facility producing hospital equipment and products.

Unisafe Systems is not only actively catering the needs of India, but also of the global demand. They export products such as ICU machines, disposable surgical products, medical furnitures, operation theatre equipment, and laboratory products globally.

Furthermore, the company maintains strict quality control on the production of gloves and other medical equipment. They are highly experienced in the warehousing, logistics and shipment of products.

Key Products

  • Disposable medical products
  • Hospital furnitures
  • Laboratory products
  • Operation theatre equipment
  • Laboratory products

Wrapping Up

We hope this article helped you find a trusted manufacturer of vinyl gloves in Mumbai. For more options, you can read the following:

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